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    Are my data safe?

    At Quoters, we work with AWS, that is, with cloud servers. This means that every day, backupsare made of all documents, files and data on the app and in multiple locations. In other words, yes, your data safe with us.

    Do I need my credit card to try Quoters?

    No. That’s not necessary. We trust you’re a good person. You only have to provide a credit card number when you subscribe to a paid plan. It couldn’t be easier

    Is Quoters pre-paid or post-paid?

    Your pricing plan as well as additional features are pre-paid on a monthly or yearly basis. If you see any mistakes in your invoice, email us

    Which payment methods are accepted?

    You can pay using a valid credit card from Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Be aware you can use it for recurring payments.

    Can I change or cancel my subscription?

    Of course! You can change your plan and add or remove features without any problem if you didn’t exceed your plan limits (if any). You can also cancel your account at any time.

    Is there a penalty on cancellation?

    No, you can cancel your subscription with Quoters at any time. You will be able to enjoy your plan features until the end of your billing period. This applies both to yearly and monthly subscriptions to any plan.

    Do you have a refund policy?

    Once a user submits a request for cancellation, no additional charges will be made. However, as regards refunds, following rules will apply:
    1. Monthly plans: no refunds (prorated or otherwise) are provided upon cancellation. In the interest of fairness to all of our clients, no exceptions will be made.
    2. Yearly plans: if you tried Quoters for 30 days and were not happy with it, request a full refund during that 30-day period. Write to and we will gladly help you.
    Refunds will be made to the same card you used for your subscription and will take 10-15 days to be processed.

    Are there any limits on Quoters?

    Nope. You can create as many proposals, rates or costs that your business needs. Quoters limitations are feature-based. But this can change.

    How do I download a PDF version of a proposal?

    If activated, you’ll see a Download PDF link on the proposal public view. More info about this on this article.

    How do I download my receipts?

    Go to Settings > Billing to access all your receipts and invoices. More info about this on this article.

    What is the Branding Pack and how I get charged?

    Branding Pack is an extension to your regular plan that includes some customizing features at an extra cost. Mor info on features included on this article.
    If you add it to your subscription, you will be charged for the remaining time of your subscription. You will be normally charged on the next billing cycle.

    How do I add additional users?

    Go to Settings > Subscription, pick the number of extra users you need and click on Add. More info on this article.
    Also, you will be pro-rated for the remaining days of your current billing cycle and normally charged on the next one.

    Who is Beginner Plan intended for?

    Good question. Beginner plan is intended mainly for individuals or small companies that only have one person in charge of everything and don’t need any advanced features.
    It can be a good choice also for companies that want to start creating stunning proposals to impress customers but don’t want to spend a lot of money. And, of course, a good way to test Quoters.

    Who is Advanced Plan intended for?

    This plan is made specially for companies or individuals that need access to some additional features, such as costs for advanced quotation and optional rates for their customers.
    Also, this plan will allow to save a PDF copy of proposals to send to customers o for archiving purposes.

    Who is Ninja Plan intended for?

    This is the full Quoters experience and you have access to everything: costs, branded proposals, custom styles per section, PDF download both for you and your customers and, most important, electronic signature.
    Also, we provide priority support to you.
    If you need to convert your proposals onto real contracts while improving your sales workflow, this is the best option.

    Where can I find a table comparing all plans?

    On our pricing page, just below the Anything else? question.

    Why are is not your Zapier integration live?

    As we are fine tuning it, for now it is a beta integration. As soon we have everything in place, we will release it publicly and will be available on Zapier.

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