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    Set up your custom domain for your proposals public view.

    *This feature is only available on Ninja Plan and for Branding Pack subscribers.

    If you don’t want your clients to see ‘’ in the URL of the public view of your proposals, you can use your own custom domain.

    Please note that in order to make this change, you must have your own domain from a domain provider or an IT agent.

    1. Setting up your domain on Quoters

    Go to Settings> Custom domain and follow these steps:

    1. Enter your new domain on the form field without the https:// or https:// part. For example:
    2. We recommend using a subdomain for your proposals. In other words, if your wesbsite is, you should use or
    3. Once you have entered your domain, click the Change button. This process may take up to 24 hours.

    2. Setting up your domain on your domain provider

    After the Quoters part, you have to add a new CNAME-type DNS record for the domain you will use; the value for this CNAME will be an auto-generated key:

    This auto-generated value will be displayed once you have entered your domain on Quoters.

    Setup example

    1. Add a new CNAME-type record.
    2. In the domain field, enter:
    3. In the destination field, enter the auto-generated value. In our example, it is the following:

    *Keep in mind that depending on your domain provider, it may be necessary to add a trailing period at the end of the destination, that is,

    Once you complete this setup, you must verify that the setup is correct. To do so, please use the verification button.

    If your verification is successful, your domain will be available in about 24 hours.

    Once these changes are made, you’ll receive an email notifying you that your domain is ready to be used. From this moment, all the links for your quotes will work with your custom domain.

    If you receive an incorrect verification message, you may have configured the DNS record incorrectly. In this case, please contact us, with all the information you can provdie us and we’ll help you to set it up.

    HTTPS Security

    Quoters currently provides HTTPS support for your own domain. This means your clients will be able to access your page securely through the domain you have created. And there are no complicated setups, as everything is done automatically at no additional cost.

    I’ve already sent proposals before setting up the custom domain. What’s next?

    Any proposal or quote sent using default domain will keep on working as all your proposals will be using the new domain.

    Once the domain change is effective, all your quotes will have a new URL.

    **Important: Only in this case will your quotes be accessible from both the default domain and from your new domain.

    I set up a domain by mistake and want to change it again.

    We recommend establishing your definitive domain during the initial setup, as the proposals you sent with previous domains will no longer work every time you change domains. Here’s an example:

    You sent your client a quote with the domain After sending it, you change your mind and decide to stop using that domain. So you modify it again and establish as your definitive domain.

    As all the URLs of your quotes are updated once the domain change is implemented, proposals sent with the URL will no longer be accessible.

    That’s why it’s important to set up a domain that you will be using over time.

    In any case, you can change your custom domain whenever you want by following the steps indicated above.

    Moreover, all your proposals will always be accessible through the default domain<random_code>

    If you have questions about how to configure your own domain on Quoters, send us an email to

    Known issues

    Some issues may prevent your from setting up your domain. We have detected the following:

    1. Cloudflare users: in order to verify and use your domain, you need to unproxy the CNAME record. If proxied, our systems can’t detect CNAME value.
    2. Custom domain already in use: if you are getting an Oops! An error ocurred… message, chances are that your custom domain was already in use by another application. If possible, release on that 3rd party application before adding your custom domain in Quoters. No longer using that app? Contact our support team for further steps.
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