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    *This feature is at a beta stage and is invitation only.

    Zapier is a tool used to connect two or more apps (it has more than 1,500). Use it to automate your workflow and save time. And now it’s compatible with Quoters!

    This integration allows you connecting Quoters to other apps and configure your sales workflow: Gmail, Zoho CRM + Quoters + Mailchimp… Choose your connection!

    Connecting Quoters with Zapier

    Enabling the Zapier integration is very easy. First, you must create a Zapier account or use your account.

    You don’t need a premium plan on Zapier to use it, as the free plan is enough to connect Quoters to your favorite app. However, with your premium Zapier subscription, you will have more tasts per month and multi-step or zaps.

    Time needed: 5 minutes.

    How to connect and configure your Quoters and Zapier accounts

    1. Request an invite

      Go to Settings > Connect. Then click on ‘Request invitation’. As we mentioned, Zapier integration is on its beta stage, and you need an invitation to enable it. Once you request it, we’ll activate it for you. You will receive an email with an invitation link.

    2. Move onto Zapier

      Log in Zapier and click on the ‘Make a Zap!’ button

    3. Insert API key

      From there, start connecting apps to Quoters. When you select Quoters, both as a trigger and as an action, you’ll be asked to enter the API Key, which you can find in both the email that we send you with the Quoters and Zapier linkup and by going to Connect on your Quoters business account.

    This is the full list of Triggers and Actions available on Zapier:


    • Contact created: Triggers when a new contact is created. 
    • Contact updated: Triggers when a contact is updated.
    • Contact created or updated: Triggers when a new contact is created or updated.
    • Contact deleted: Triggers when a contact is deleted.
    • Quote Created: Triggers when a new quote is created.
    • Quote Status Changed: Triggers when the quote status gets changed.
    • Quote approved: Triggers when quote status change to approved.
    • Send Quote to Zapier: Triggers when a user clicks on “Send to Zapier” link of a quote on the dashboard.
    • Quote expired: Triggers when a quote expires.
    • Quote Shared: Triggers when a quote gets shared.
    • Quote visited: Triggers when the quote public view is visited.


    • Create Quote: Creates a Quote
    • Create / Update Contact: Creates or updates a Contact
    • Find Quote: Find a quote by id
    • Find Contact: Finds a contact
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